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Dualrays 2018 the 1st Sales Department tranning was sucessfully held

Time:2018-04-02 Views:1533
Dualrays 2018 the 1st Sales Department tranning was sucessfully held

    Based on the fiercely competition status for LED lighting market,in order to provide high-touched service for our customers,Dualrays Optoelectronics has creased the investment on the tranning,
On 2th,April,2018,we have started our 1st tranning for the Sales Department.

    During the tranning period,David (the sales director) just shared the business development for new customers and regular custoemers following,the lighting exhibition works (pre-works,ongoing works,
after works ) ect.

    Each salesman just shared there viewpoints during the tranning,and the difficulties they met when following customers,the Sales Team just gave themself solutions for the colleagues,with very active
attitude,the salesman were especially interested the commercial business etiquette,from dressing,receiption,negotiation,quotation,KA customers following ect.

    After 3 hours tranning,the tranning was sucessfully held,everyone was full of energy and much more confident with the company and career they chose,they will be also divided into 2 groups and make
customer receiption simulation,one is customer group,and the other is supplier group,responds with different situations,which can help us to greatly improve the service ability for more customers.

    Except commerce tranning,we will also have technical and products tranning for each week for the Sales Department,we aim to be the butler of our customers,to decrease the communication cost between
customers and Dualrays,greatly improve the communication efficiency.

Dualrays is practicing the enterprise management principle “Perfect or Nothing”.