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Dualrays teach you something about the factors that affects lifespan of industrial LED luminaires

Time:2018-04-21 Views:336
Dualrays teach you something about the factors that affects lifespan of industrial LED luminaires

    Nowadays modern industry develops rapidly. On one hand,it promotes the developing of economic and brings lots of production. On the other hand,
environment becomes worse day by day. Therefore, how to make full use of energy and utility exploit has become the most important issues. Due of
this reason, industrial LED luminaires has already walked into tens thousand households. Depending on the advantages of long lifespan and energy
efficiency, it is greatly promoted by proprietors.
    Among so many parameters of industrial LED luminaires, lifespan is the most representative and concerned index. However, in the buckish times,
many people only go after a longer lifespan but ignore different kinds of factors which influence its lifespan and interactions between them. Based on
this condition, Dualrays Commerce Institute especially teach our customers the corresponding measures of industrial LED luminaires lifespan,and
help them to choose the right suppliers and products.
    First of all, heat dissipation. Hot condition will affect the LEDs light source. The higher working temperature, the shorter lifespan of industrial LED
luminaires, whereas, the lifespan will be longer. The ideal working temperature of industrial LED luminaires is approach to -30 to 50°C. In order to
guarantee industrial LED luminaires can work normally in any condition, its radiator must be as good as enough. Besides, reasonable protectection
during usage is also necessary.
    Second,the driver. Actually, LED driver directly affects the lifespan of industrial LED luminaires. In other words, LED driver is a key component. At present,
Dualrays mainly purchases top brand driver,like Meanwell,PHILIPS ect,to ensure its durability. Even though its delivery time is a little slow sometimes, it can
ensure the reliability and performance of the whole fixture.

    In addition, if the current increases suddenly,water enters into the internal  fixture or the quality of components are not very good, it would also shorten the
lifespan of industrial LED luminaires.

   Efficient Industry,Created by Dualrays!
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