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OEM/ODM Service

Innovative designs and qualified package means self-brand promotion and more profit
Dualrays accept OEM/ODM for our customers all over the world to help their brand promotion.

What is OEM?
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), namely the original equipment manufacturing, is also called designated production and known as contract manufacturing. It is a form of manufacturing that is carried out by
the entrusted manufacturer according to specific conditions within the demands and authorization of the incoming manufacturer. All design drawings must be processed in complete conformity with the design of the
incoming manufacturer. 

What is ODM?
ODM, namely the Original Design Manufacturer, means that design and development activities are granted with high-efficiency development speed and competitive manufacturing efficient to meet buyer’s demands.
Technical capability is enough to lift design ability, and further accept case and handle with the matters regarding design and development.

DUALRAYS provide industrial LED luminaires ODM/OEM‘ service
1、Designing product appearance and open new mold as required by user;
2、Plan brand copywriting according to customers‘ product positioning and requirements;
3、Designing customers‘ brand product package, instructions and relevant auxiliary sales printing data at no expense;
4、Making layout template as per brand product’s positioning and requirements for purpose of determining final product;
5、Assist in the submission of products for inspection;
6、Assist oversea customers in processing relevant export formalities on their behalves.
In order to help customers to open local market of industrial LED luminaires, DUALRAYS provide our ODM/OEM service to produce cost-effective customized products for customers‘ local market. Make more profit and
value for customers.
R&D Team
DUALRAYS is a professional manufacturer in industrial LED luminaires. we have a R&D team with more than 5 professional engineers with over 10years experience in industrial LED luminaires R&D.  DUALRAYS is
engaged in the R&D,manufacturing sales and service of industrial LED luminaires, through the technology and experience accumulated over years ,we nurtured a technology capable, experienced, excellent professional technical team. The vibrant team,
with its superb technology, excellent ability to guarantee the reliability and stability of our products. 

DUALRAYS own strong capabilities of power electronic technology and R&D strength of related products, with the intellectual property rights of all our products. The backbone of our technology has deep theoretical
foundation, rich practical experience, innovative research and development ideas, professional excellence which is the powerful technical support of the good DUALRAYS brand. 

DUALRAYS R&D team including:
   * Electronic engineer
   * Packing design engineer
   * Structural engineer
   * Sample testing engineer
   * Heat management design engineer
DUALRAYS gathers a group of managers and technical personnel who have been working in the LED industry for many years as a key role. Involving majors:physical, thermal, optical, mechanical, electronic and so on.
Multi-disciplinary talents lay a solid foundation for the development of our company.
Project Solution
DUALRAYS provide project solutions for our customers all over the world. If you do not know how many lights and what watt should be used when you get projects. In this situation, DUALRAYS will help to provide professional
lighting solutions with DIALUX reference for your project.

Just offer us the dimension(area and height) of application,  and illumination requirements, DUALRAYS will help you assess and provide solution. DUALRAYS‘ professional technology team accumulated rich experience in this
field. We will provide you a satisfy solution.
  Step 1: DUALRAYS receive the information of application and requirements.
  Step 2: DUALRAYS technology team assess according to the information details and develop solution.
  Step 3: Solution will be sent by DUALRAYS salesman for customer reference.
  Step 4: Customer assess the feasibility or the solution, and submit questions.
  Step 5: DUALRAYS and customer consult modification plans.
  Step 6: Solution closed Successfully. 

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All OEM/ODM requirement all over the world is welcome.

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